About Schools Power

With Schools Power Renewable Energy Curriculum, students perform authentic investigations of energy alternatives using instructional materials on computers, tablets and mobile devices. Our lessons and projects combine interactive learning materials, rich media, and instructional simulations with intra- and inter-school learning activities designed for collaborative learning environments. Our instructional materials are correlated to Common Core Math and Language Arts Standards and provide students opportunities to apply their STEM skills while using current school-based technology.

Your students will:

  • Apply, analyze, and evaluate their STEM skills
  • Create meaningful projects inspiring them to think independently
  • Learn how they can conserve the earth’s resources
  • Use innovative project-based, Common Core Standards-based lessons for math and science.

When you use our units of study, you engage students in hands-on projects involving the worlds of earth science and renewable energy, while applying STEM skills.

Guide your students to use our interactive materials for computers, tablets, and mobile devices to perform authentic investigations about energy alternatives for the world of the future.


Stimulate Higher Order Thinking Skills

  • Broad Instruction and Skills Practice Maps learning to range of sensory, motor and visual channels
  • Standards Based Aligns with Common Core – State Standards
  • Inquiry Driven Students complete hands-on projects Apply STEM and collaboration skills

Extend & Practice STEM Skills

  • Real World Learning ExperiencesUses real-time data from renewable power sources Explore math and science relationships
  • Web and Mobile EnvironmentHands-on applications of science & math
  • Design Renewable ProjectsCreate virtual solar systemsMonitor real and virtual solar schools

Join Other Schools in Our Projects

  • Private NetworksExchange individual lessonsShare activity across teams
  • Cross-site NetworkingCollaborate inter schoolCollaborate with students in other schools
  • Professional Development NetworksAccess, publish, and use guides, discussions, and resources